Gibbo 2D Editor

Some time ago I found this project(Gibbo2d) on the internet and i was curious to test and so I noticed that programmers are two students from my country . What struck me was not to be more one  GameMaker but being a good level editor  so i made contact with João Alves and told  my idea to export levels from this Level Editor   and make this Universal LevelEditor by exporting XML.

This moment i’m testing with #haxe using #HaxePunk and #flixel

HaxePunk flash Teste

HaxePunk html5 teste

my version of the engine and editor.



New H3D View

this is a tool I created to see the models in H3D format I created for the GDXLime .

import B3D MS3D and assimp meshes .

i’ve changed the assimp library to be more friendly of delphi.



Quark tool

I made this tool for use 3d maps with (Haxe/lime gl) , this tool read the Quark map (6dx and Half Life map format) and export one xml file contain all information like Mesh and Entity this also export all entities on multiple mesh(Buttons/Doors).

This tool can also be use on any  engine and Programming Language because the xml format.

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