Quake 3 animations on Unity3d

MD3 quake models on unity3d WHY , because i want and because is fun  .

Following my GDXLime project I’ve had this idea to make this on unity but can’t make interpolation because is slow the only way that i can speed-up this is using shaders but now i don’t know much about shaders on unity3d.

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Haxe Vertex Interpolated In Shader

Yesterday i finally create the shader that animates my skeleton meshes today i have the ideia to try animate meshes that uses vertex interpolated like Quake2 and Quake3 in GPU so i already have supported this type of models on GDXLime but in windows and android platforms is slow because the Memory pool that use to create vector that is interpolated but this problem is solved with shaders.
On my pc 100 Blades(model) i have 55 fps.

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When i started creating GdxLime did not intend to create a 3D engine or to make a great project
my idea was to try to learn more about Gles2, Haxe and 3d i also try to learn techniques used in engines like
Irrlicht, Ogre, Openb3d and others.
But right now I’m a little disappointed with Haxe and Lime i came to the conclusion that Haxe with Lime is very
good for 2d but not to 3d, an animated skeleton by (software) can 15fps on windows (C ++) and 5 fps on Neko the same model with the same technique but in Delphi and OpenGL can 400 fps with vsync off.
Using arrays and Matrix transformation in Haxe makes the code very slow.
I do no try to create something beautiful with great effects but something fast and simple for mobiles with the minimum draw calls .


GDXLime source release

In the past four months I have been working on this project due to lack of simple 3d engine for Haxe.

I’m not trying to create the best 3d engine for Haxe (don’t have that knowledge) but i want something simple that put some 3d animations and meshes without lots of code.

At this time I got to the point that it is a bit dull and it’s time to leave for another project.

Source Code